International ONLINE Talent Contest

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Contest dates 1 Feb–1 Mar Apply before 25 Feb 2023

Already famous and loved by many people in different countries International Talent-Contest “Wiener Träume” in 2023 goes ONLINE.

This festival year by year creates cross-cultural space for artists of different level and age. It allows to share artistic experience and introduce new trends in the Arts.

We are happy to welcome participants of Visual Arts. Their works will be exhibited in different galleries in Vienna, Moscow and other cities of our big small world. Those who are interested to host such exhibitions are more than welcome to contact our Commettee. 

Wiener Träume has always been a big cultural event for participants as it allows to grow all their skills and charaacter.

Nominations of the contest:

  • Vocal performance (solo, ensembles, choirs)
  • Instruments (solo, ensembles): Piano, Synthesizer, Strings, Winds, Folk instruments
  • Accompanists (instrumental, vocal)
  • Musical Theatre: scenes from operas and musicals
  • Choreography, Plastic Theatre
  • Visual, Decorative and Applied Arts, Design, Photography

Participants of different performing level and age will compete in separate groups.

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